Sunday, 11 September 2011

Term is starting

My teaching term starts this week, and I'm all fired up after a long summer break. I have been planning out my term and what each class will contain, including my new, improved set of what I have called 'Jo's Supreme Control Isolations'. I can't wait to inflict them on my lovely students. They will develop muscular patterns they never thought of before (I hope!). Prepare to look in through the window of the studio at rows of dancers flaring one nostril while waggling the other - well, perhaps I've gone a bit far with that one.... Does anyone else dream isolations, or have I finally lost it? I went through a period a few years ago when I dreamt I was teaching every night and woke up knackered. I hope I don't get into that again.
Anyway, I am always relieved at this time of year because I choreograph an Advanced/Professional level dance for the Summer School, so I can use it again in September. Anyone who did it in the summer is only too pleased to go over and perfect it, because we never have time to bring it up to performance level and costume it etc. at Summer School. For the Intermediates (and brave Improvers) I have created a fun and funky dance, with 2 gangs. They don't actually attack each other, but I did consider it.....
I'll blog again about the Summer School. So much goes on there every year I'm not sure where to start. It is still one of my favourite things to do. We have a gas and some of the parties are off the wall. If you want to come along to a class in London click here to see how they work:


  1. Hi Jo! Shame I'm such a long way from your classes, I quite fancy having a go at your supreme control isolations (and you know I need it!)
    Ah, Summer School! Happy Days!

  2. Hi Jo, congratulations on your new blog! I look forward to reading your updates. Susanna xx