Monday, 24 October 2011

Boy Dancing

Here’s another clip I like. This boy is, I think, 10 years old, and this clip represents several things for me. First his glasses! He’s wearing glasses onstage because he isn’t trying to look like a goddess – how refreshing! Next the poi veil - he does it so well and very gracefully. They create a gorgeous effect that we’ve used in the Hoochie Coochie Girls show
I know it’s not traditional and, as you can see, the body is limited to being the servant of the prop, but I like the effect. Lastly, he can dance! I like the fact that someone with no direct sex appeal (in that he is pre-pubescent – you pervs!) can show skill in doing the moves without them being ‘sexy’ just because the pelvis is involved. We will never be taken seriously as a skilled dance form unless we can show the skill without the booty! Of course lots of dance forms are sexy – tango for instance. But the ones that are always have difficulty being taken seriously as ‘art’. There, lecture over!