Thursday, 22 September 2011

Samia Gamal Dance Clip

I thought I’d share some youtube clips that I love. Here’s the first one:

I love this Samia Gamal clip from 1953! She’s lovely as usual, although the femme fatale part doesn’t suit her. The black and white stripes are great, and what a body suit!

But it’s the backing dancers that I find mesmerising. The first 2 making the Charleston look like a military march in long satin skirts – where did that come from? The five latin dancers are my favourites, though. Keep an eye on the second from right when they’re in a line. The one at the far left is completely out of sync to start with. And the one in the middle is in a trance. Then Samia appears in the fabulous stripy suit, but what are they doing in the background? Well, they obviously don’t know. At least the oriental section looks a bit better and there’s a girl in the front with short hair who’s not bad, and is sure she is going to be noticed. Then Samia appears again looking gorgeous and all is right with the world.

I know they didn’t have a Hollywood budget, but a little rehearsal would have gone far. Of course dancers being the lowest of the low, it probably wasn’t deemed necessary…..

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