Friday, 30 September 2011

New Music Course

Kay, Raphaelle and I have completed the notes for the new Music Module of the Diploma Course, which is now a stand-alone course for people who want an in-depth knowledge of music for Belly Dance. It has all been approved by the Open College Network and we’re raring to go!

I’m looking forward to running it twice next year, once in London and once in the North. I’ll take any excuse to stay with Kay and spend time with barmy Northern women! It’ll also be lovely to have Raphaelle over from Paris to teach parts of it. She doesn’t scare me……..

There’s all sorts of information in it about instruments, styles and rhythms, and we’ve added classes with live tabla and sections on famous composers and music. The great thing is it’s now open to people who aren’t studying for the Diploma, as well as those who are. Even non-dancers can come on it. I expect the occasional tabla-playing husband to turn up!

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