Monday, 21 November 2011

Northampton for a day

Have just spent a day in Northampton, teaching for Carol and dancing at her Hafla. The classes were lovely – several familiar faces and lots of new ones. We learned Ariftu Albi Lamin and danced it in the evening. I dusted off a costume that I haven’t worn for a year or two so it felt like new. On the other hand, I had forgotten how much the little metal jewel clasps catch on the fabric of this one – so that was the reason I stopped wearing it, I remember now! The other workshop was Egyptian Funk, which is always fun to teach and a joy to watch the dancers at the end using their new moves with a lot of energy and gusto.

The Hafla was full of life and talent. It’s always good to see as many group dances as solos. Where else is anyone going to get performing experience? Oh, and teachers can give full rein to their imaginations with the choreography. There was a souk there with Krystina Gould looking calm and in control of the fashion show (!) and Galit Mersand (in her gold jeans, say no more). Sadly I left before the end to catch a train back to London. Midnight on a Saturday is always a zoo travelling across the city, buses and streets full of people slightly out of sync with the world around them, reeling a little or dozing on their feet. Then bath and bed – a treat of a day!

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